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Hi, my name’s Joe Locke and I edit the English edition of the CookYourLife website. I’ve spent years travelling around some of the materially poorest countries of the world, wondering why so many of the people living there seemed healthier and happier then many of us in Britain. In many places I saw the negative effects of western and processed food replacing traditional diets and started writing about it. Living in Spain, I saw how still today people use cheap, fish , locally-grow ingredients to cook tasty meals, as a matter of routine. Later I retuned to Bristol, a city where small independent places sell and use local, organic products, proving that you don’t have to be rich to eta delicious , nutritions food. I think the Melanie’s recipes capture that unique balance between great taste and nutritional value which everyone deserves.

An Oxford Graduate. I’m currently living in bristol whrere I divide my time between freelance editing and writing content for CookYourLife and other sites. In the summer I also teach academic writing to university postgraduate. Collaborating with Melanie on this website has really opened my eyes to new ways of collaborating and working, well as discovering o much amazing nutritional advice, recipes and positive living tips. If you would like to work with us, or to find out more about my editing and writing services, you can contact me at, here.

Thanks for stopping by and espy the website!