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How are you today? Today I’m really in a good mood. 

 We ran out of almond milk  so, I have made some! I’d like to share the recipe with you…It might change your life forever….anyway, it changed mine!

Almonds are one of my favourite nuts for many reasons: they alkalize the body, are loaded with nutrients and low in kilocalories.


Now I’ve started making almond milk every 3rd day to mix into my green juice or just to enjoy with a coffee. All you need is a blender, colander or nut milk bag ideally, a big jug and of course, organic almonds.

Let’s start!


1 litre             |  Level: Easy   |   Time: 1 minute


100g      organic almonds

750 ml   good quality water

1/2 stick of Vanilla pod

* 2 Tbsp of turmeric


1. Soak the almonds the night before or for at least 8 hours in a good quality water.

2. Next day or after 8 hours clean the almonds, remove the skin etc.

3. Add the almonds without the water to the high speed blender.

4. Add 750ml mineral/filtered drinking water.

5. Add 1/2 stick of vanilla pod. I love vanilla!

6. Sweetness is optional here

7. Blend for 1 minute.

8. Strain the milk using a nut milk/muslin bag or colander. here.

9. Store in a glass jar in the fridge (best to use before 2/3 days)

P.S Don’t waste the almond meal. Use as almond flour for other recipes, smoothies, nut butter, breadcrumbs….get creative!

P.P.S. Add a couple of tablespoons of raw cocoa powder, natural sweeteners like honey and enjoy a natural CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE!!! Yeah, baby!

P.P.P.S! Add a cup of strawberries for a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE!!!!

Hope you enjoy this easy, simple and yummy recipe.

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