Recently, the big issue of plastics and single-use plastics in particular has really been in the public eye. Photos of birds killed by eating plastic bottle tops and new figures suggesting that most caught fish now contain worrying amounts of plastic should make us all stop and think- what can I do to minimise my environmental impact?

Following on from the success of Vegan January, Zero Plastic July has become a global movement of people who “choose to refuse single-use plastic” for a month each year. 

Photography @josecoello

Photography @josecoello

Inspired by the Zero Plastic July movement, in January 2018 I decided to start my journey into living without plastic. A year and a half later I'm happy to say I'm still trying, learning new things every day about living plastic free. So here's my little how- to guide to hopefully inspire you to think about having a go yourself and joining this beautiful movement, if only for July.


By avoiding single-use plastic, you definitely direct your shopping list towards fresh products and local markets. Plus it massively increases your creativity when it comes to preparing meals...this was both a revelation and inspiration to me when I started working as a Nutritionist and food Stylist.

When I first went plastic free and was figuring ways to manage and simplify my shopping trips, I found a new range of places to shop, new people to talk to and a whole new world that was already out there, unknown to me. I began to embrace a 70% to 80% plant-based diet and on top of that, I became the zero waste ambassador in my own home!

For me, one of the most difficult to give up JUNK FOODs are CRISPS! Well, now I've made a delicious healthy pop corn snacks.

Recipe here


Another win win. Once you start to focus on plastic free products you don’t need to buy the entire pack of 6 oranges or 10 apples. Less is more. You can buy only what you and your family need, choosing better quality over quantity. Focus more on organic products, which as we all know aren't cheap but are affordable when you're buying less. Sound good?


Sometimes when I'm in a creative mood like today … I need to create and create. Toothpaste with coconut oil and essential oil. Natural candles, delicious drinks like kombucha, homemade pasta and homebaked bread.

Copy of BARTON CROFT | Kitchen


You may think. What does this have to do with the use of plastic ? As simple as by avoid a single-use plastic was making me think about the quantity of plastic is flowing into the water each year. It was making my think about how much I enjoy to be by the beach. Swim wild into the river and I reconnected with the Mother Earth. I started to do a long walks by myself with my reusable cup of coffee. Grounding!


And as a natural state my body want to sit and breath. Relax and connect with my inner main and lets face that! IT’s totally work. Less expectation, less thoughts about myself as a single UNIV human been and more thoughts about been part of a planet. We should care and love as a part of urself.

Ready to reduce your plastic consumption? Congrats and please few things before your start your lovely journey.

  1. Going plastic free is totally impossible so take easy. One step at the time.

  2. It’s OK to use reusable plastic container. Yes, It’s! I didn’t go crazy and dispose all my plastic item at home. Remember it’s about LESS is MORE.

  3. One change a week could make a sustanciable change in your environment and perhaps your nearby decide to follow your steps.