Today I want to talk about the mother of all antioxidants: Glutathione and why after much research I’ve decided to swap my vegan protein for a whey protein – but not just any regular whey protein. I’ve swapped to REGENATIVE whey protein and below I’ll explain why.

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Glutathione plays one of the most critical roles in the body, a deficiency of it contributes to the causes of many diseases and conditions, including ageing, autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and liver disease to name a few.

Helping your cells produce glutathione: an innovative approach to beautiful, healthy aging. Poor cellular health has many visible signs like premature greying or dry hair, brittle nails and damaged skin, which loses its elasticity and shows age spots and fine lines. Whilst the visible signs are easier to identify, it’s also the physical signs of reduced energy, poor gut health and compromised immunity that we need to look for. Sometimes we get fixated with addressing symptoms one by one, when perhaps the secret to long-lasting health and better aging is looking closely at our cell health…

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Why should you care about cellular health?

Oxidative stress is a normal process that occurs in every single one of our cells, daily. Free radicals and other harmful substances attack our healthy cells, and our antioxidant system fights them to control their numbers and strength. But what happens when the attackers are stronger than the defenders? Our cells age, and with them, our bodies. 

Harmful oxidative stress (when there are more free radicals than antioxidants) is, unsurprisingly, accelerated by poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and polluted environments; but there is one factor that is not usually talked about and may hold the secret to long-lasting cellular protection: we lose 10% of our glutathione production capacity every decade after our 20’s. 

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is our master antioxidant, as Dr. Mark Hyman once described it. This molecule is present in all our 37 trillion cells, and is also key for effective liver detoxification of some heavy metals, pollutants, drugs and environmental toxins. It is a very hard-working compound! And very caring, as it also recycles other antioxidants, and takes care of our mitochondria’s defense systems; as the mitochondria are our energy factories, it is important to keep them healthy and protected. Unfortunately, cooking methods destroy most of the glutathione in foods, and supplements and IV infusions are not very bioavailable… 

What can we do to ensure we create more glutathione then?

Exercise increases the number of muscle mitochondria and levels of glutathione; a combination of aerobic exercise and circuit weight training is most effective. Even meditation can help… 

One smart nutritional way of ensuring the body keeps producing glutathione is to provide our cells the precursors to make the full molecule: the amino acids glutamine and glycine, and above all cysteine - we will only produce as much glutathione as our cysteine reserves allow us to. The problem is that cysteine is, once again, not very bioavailable and it won’t cross the cell barrier as easily as we’d need it to… cystine, however (two cysteine molecules joined by a bond), does the job for us as it is allowed to cross the barrier, and broken down into two cysteines inside the cell. Our bodies are very smart! In sum, it is always a good idea to have all these amino acids from high quality sources, together on a daily basis.

Which other nutrients should we be taking to prevent premature ageing?

If what we are looking for is glowing skin and fine line prevention, antioxidants should be our first choice. Vitamin C helps us produce collagen, the matrix that holds our skin together. Selenium is also a good choice, as a supportive mineral for our thyroid; underactive thyroid is often the culprit of dry skin, brittle nails and weak hair.

Aside from antioxidants, lactoferrin is a very interesting protein. Various studies have shown that lactoferrin has regenerative properties in a wide range of tissues, including bone, which is quite important for those entering perimenopause and worrying about osteoporosis. It is also effective at binding free iron (the nutrient of choice for harmful gut bacteria), and at helping cells in the gut lining stay together, a staple in any gut health protocol. 

INTRODUCING REGENATIVE, a daily cellular health support formula 


If you were only to include one all-round supplement in your life, you would not regret making it REGENATIVE. With the highest grade of non-denatured whey in the World - as part of the foundation of the patented formula - this pioneering nutritional complex provides all of your 37 trillion cells with the essential natural ingredients they need to produce the most powerful antioxidant known to science: glutathione. 

A must-have daily supplement for anyone who takes long-term optimum health seriously. 

REGENATIVE supports:

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