In terms of work, we all start at different places and have different preferences for how we work. You may be starting out into the adventure of becoming self-employed and in need of a little extra cash. Maybe you have a website or IG. Either way, this article could be for you…

Over the years I’ve heard so many comments about people who, like me, are starting up their own business – comments like, ‘You must already be so rich’ or ‘No-one can do it without the Bank of Mum and Dad’. In fact, in many cases there may be an element of truth to this, but as for me, the real story about CookYourLife is the fact that I work very hard and I DON’T HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE!!! 

My social life is basically going here and there to taste food, write reviews about it or enjoy a massage and then sharing the experience with you guys. It may sound ideal, but there’s also a lot of work, time commitment, effort and focus involved

I love to travel and for me SOLO travels are a win win: working, saving money and travel, all rolled into one!

There are plenty of ways to start to make money online, first please but listen very carefully: being honest with yourself and ethical with others is the most important key. I’ve never, ever written review or shared things that I don’t truly believe in, that I wouldn’t eat or use myself, or that are not truly part of the CookYourLife philosophy. 

“Money makes money” people say, but with common sense, a moral compass and hard work, anything is possible. So read on to discover my Top 10 Tips to start to making money online. It may work for you or perhaps it’s different to your way of thinking, however, these are my ways to create some extra cash and pay the bills. 

1. Partnerships with Brands

This is the CookYourLife house speciality! On the website you’ll see several brand partnerships that I’ve contributed to over the years. Not all brands pay you to share their content but I receive plenty of free food, so my shopping list is really light every month…I love it!  

Brands want different things: many offer me free samples, some want me to write reviews or articles as well as food photography assignments. I really love doing these… especially the paying jobs!

Currently I’m in partnership with Wellthos and Healthy Nomad . I should add however, that several times I’ve refused to endorse brands which don’t share my ethical views.

If you’re a brand and would like to share or work with me, click here.

2. Sponsored Post

This is probably only for those of you who have more than 10,000 followers. To be honest, I’m focusing on reducing my stress levels and towards that end, I’ve really cut down my IG and FB posts, even deleting the apps from my phone.

Yes, it can have a negative impact on your quality of life. I like to believe that the people out there who genuinely like my work and articles will come back and read my weekly newsletter anyway. Sign here.

3. Online Products and Books / Digital Shop

At lot of my free time is taken up writing e-books, reading books about Nutrition or Food, researching the market and coming up with new ideas, recipes and products. It may sound a bit radical, but a passion is a passion and it seems that my mind never stops creating ideas. Last week I was stuck with a product which was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it! 

If you have a website|IG|FB, this strategy could work for you. If you are ready and willing to share your knowledge, soon the right person will see it and jobs will start knocking at your door.

4. Adverts

I’m not into adverts…unless I’m in them! See here.

If you browse my website, you won’t find any ads, cos there’s nothing more irritating than adverts popping-up when you’re trying to read, right?

5. Nutritional Consultations

My baby! I qualified as a registered Nutritional Therapist a year ago. Now, I have my own clinic in Bristol and work remotely with clients around the world. I’m a specialist in weight loss, eating disorders, IBS and PCOS, from which I suffered myself.

It’s quite nice to work remotely as the client feels comfortable in their own home environment. If you’re thinking of offering a service like this, I’d recommend setting up a highly professional work space and having good technological apparatus (webcam, headset etc) to ensure that everything works smoothly. Remember, paying clients expect a high quality, professional service!

6. Related Extra Services

Here at CookYourLife, we also run an editing service. This is in both Spanish and English in order to widen our appeal and extend the range of magazines we can offer articles to, giving COOKYOURLIFE even more exposure. Maybe there are additional services related to your main project/area of expertise that you can exploit to maximise your income generating potential.

7. Become a Brand Ambassador

If you love or like a brand, sometimes they offer a discount, either to you directly or to your clients. I normally don’t take any percentage of this, as I prefer with to pass on any discounts to you. Say for example that you’re starting your new job and a company offers you 20% off, it may be worthwhile passing 15% on to your clients and keeping 5% yourself. Use your tools to make everyone happy.

8. Ringana

I believe in healthy living, trying to generate as close to zero waste as possible, using organic products and caring about our environment.  We ONLY have ONE planet and we have to look after it.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat organic or eat well. I sometimes hear people complain about the price of organic foods, but at the moment shops like ALDI and Lidl in the UK are doing a pretty good job of offering organic produce at affordable prices. Remember the power we have as consumers – the more people demand less wasteful, organic, low carbon footprint food, the more savvy providers listen, if only to increase their market share and profits.

I’m constantly searching for brands that are in line with my philosophy of life and make my life easier and happy. A few weeks ago, I discovered a cosmetics brand I’m now in love with.  Their products are fresh, alive, vegan, plastic free, and zero waste  – even the packaging is made using bamboo, and you can return the dispenser after you’ve finished and receive a new one free. 

I use them everyday and I’m trying to spread the message, selling them on. Now friends, family and clients are buying them, using them and seeing the results – so what better way than finding a product that you use yourself, something you can believe in and passing it on to others.

Find a brand that really works for you and start from there.

Fancy to know more about the brand I’m in love with. Click here.

9. Books

Oh yes! It’s definitely happening! When kind of depends on my financial situation… just now I have a small budget set aside but I’m trying making sure everything is going in the right direction at the right time! My recipes, all the design layouts and much more are ready…. just a final push and hopefully it will be with you by Spring 2019.

You can always start with an e-book and allow things to develop organically later on…and when you’re ready, plenty of places will happily print your book.

10. Your own brand | Physical Products

Yes, yes, yes! I love my lifestyle and if you love yours, examine why – what is great about your life, come up with ideas, start to write them down and give them some shape. Allow time for your creative juices to flow and simmer up some sensational business ideas. Winter is the right time to hibernate and develop great productive ideas.

My ideas are like veggies in the oven; it just takes winter to roast them!

Note. Remember, don’t be put off by thinking that you need to starting earning a lot of money soon before you start off. There are plenty of places that will love to help you. And of course, drop me a line if you need any help; I’ll be happy to give you what advice I can.

… That’s all! My way to pay the bills! I also work part time as a swimming teacher and few times a year I do some ads which help me out a bit… but let me repeat that what I love doing is spending my days working on my website, preparing things for clients and trying to think how can I make things better for me and you.

If you like this post, please share it on your social media platform and if you have any questions then please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I answer all my emails.